URL: http://api.burningsoul.in/qr
INPUT : data,size,ecc
QR-Code API convert data to QR Code on provided info like error correction and size. The output will be stored on server as static file. Recent update (v 2.1.1) as lot people requested the output also pushed as image header. SO now you can generate QR-CODE dynamically by script or just by calling the Image type with date in the URL.

Images can't be hotlinked. They will be deleted after 24 Hrs in order to keep server space free. If you want to hotlink image its better to use QR/IMG API where data will be passed through URL so your image will be safe (it will be recreated every 24 hrs on server).
This api has 2 output one is JSON data from api another one is Image header as direct output

Notice:Stored imaged on server will be delete on end of the day ( 24 Hrs lifetime)

Main components of this apis are

Output image size will be depending on above inputs . When ecc and size are increased with same data image size varise.
Ex:-Image size=data X (ecc X (size/1.5))

When you post the data to api the output will be somthing like this


The URL is the current image path of the coverted data.

You can also call the API by passing the data in url of image (Using get method)
EX:- http://api.burningsoul.in/qr/img/datatobeconverted/5/L

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