We are all born equal, so we should stay equal. Never let anyone say you’re useless. Try to find light and worth in everyone, not matter how bad they may be. Don’t mutilate your own body; God gave it to you for a good reason. You never know when someone will perish from this earth, so be on your best terms with everyone you know, or at least try. Believe in yourself, otherwise you really won’t be able to do anything. Don’t name-call. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Never lie about your own feelings, and if someone asks for your opinion, give them an honest answer. Don’t use the words “love” or “hate” more than you need to. Don’t give anyone an excuse to hate you. Don’t gossip, and don’t try to hurt anyone’s feelings. We are all people. Treat everyone like your best friend. You have a voice. Use it. Don’t be selfish. Be happy with how much or with how little you have. Killing yourself is a sin, and it’s one of the most selfish things you can ever do. Don’t think of how many best friends you have, think of how many people think of you as their best friend. Never go to sleep angry. It is good, and healthy to be angry sometimes. But life is quite small for you to stay that way for Long time.”