We all know how a small seed will become big tree. If u compare the seed to human it’s very small but once it grew up then compare that big tree to you say “wow big tree”.

 The seed contains tremendous information in its cell in the form of DNA.

These chemical composition inside cells contains data about structure , water absoption and controls ,times ,day and night, with temperature   all these data will help tree to grow big , but tree dont think . But we can think we can make more better life by taking right decision on right time with respected to place and people.

We gain knowledge as we start to explore the world .using same knowledge and thinking in better way we can improvise the way of life.

Old days at night we used candelas to get light now we made huge progress on better life we got electricity, but something we forgot that is bond with nature.

In my home we use utensils which is made of  clay and its 100%  harm less , it won’t react with food , 100 % nature friendly .  Now plastic or metals utensils the react with food in different manner with different temperature. Aluminium is very danger’s with food coz within 22 min of storage it will start react with acidic content of food.  Then plastic  after 3 hrs  with cold food and after 0.8 min  with hot food content it start to slowly release very small atoms or particles.

I am not saying all are like that but before use the material please check is that food grad material or not .Now some companies are able to copy the ISI mark so ISI won’t stand more good .


We think and act but before act think again that this act hurt any other or nature , as you grow don’t become selfish , think about other . i have seen some persons who had made great work for whole society but ruined the nature  it’s like  growing branches to wide and high but cutting the roots . if u poison the nature it will return with food only . Ex-‘ Near Hubly a oil refining grid started and it created 1200+  allocation to work people are very happy . but slowly they found that  waste water of that grid is going to river then they requested to owner of grid to don’t dump the waste material to river coz its poisonous. But no use , after a year his son admitted to hospital because of food poison . Doctor said it’s a fish which contains mercury content  within.

Now grid owners understood it’s the grid waste water which is the main reason. Now grid is upgraded with filtering waste material cost of 22 lac

But in front of lives 22Lac is very small isn’t it ?  .


Instead of fossil fuel we can rely on solar or electric powered vehicle . 100 years of fossil      fuel use  had made big foot print in global warming . We can start using small solar grid at home so save money and reduce load shedding . Solar water heater, stop unwanted and extra power usage . don’t think that if i kept my computer running without any work  how it affect global warming .

It do affect first one you system produce heat.

Next to supply power grid is using coal. That also releases more heat so by doing this u are active part of global warming.


As SPRI research the oxygen density is reduced 21.25 % in just 40 years if it continues soon OZON layer start to dissolve.


So use nature friendly fuel and try to  reduce carbon foot print .

When you grow up  grew with nature .


I am going to buy E-bike what about you