We do lot of stuffs in our daily life and they may affect others may not but 70-80% of our act affect the world, directly or indirectly.

You may think I do small wrong thing will not change the world , But like that so many small wrong things from you , like you other people do by fallowing you or carelessly will make big change in world.

At home we neglect some values towards beloved one for a movement but that small movement is very big time length for them who are waiting for us.

Most of our surroundings filled with plastic and other non-organic stuffs which not only well for our health also bad for nature. Nature is very delicate it’s alive including us inside it .Using more Plastic, and burning more fossil fuels is misbalancing the nature.

Every time we mess with nature temperature, Flow it try to adjust itself. As result we see global weather changing, sudden drop and rise or temperature & Atmosphere pressure. Last time (24-NOV-2012) on North Pole there was sudden temp loss of 30o. More we mess with we are forcing the nature to change flow and behaviour which may result to bigger global shift where 80% of people may suffer from weather change, big impact on food growth etc.

What we can do is use more eco friendly things, rely on renewable energy. Even Nuclear energy may help but its big threat its power supply is really remarkable but the handling its ash and dumping, taking care of radiation leak is very dangerous. We have already witnessed the tragedy of Hiroshima-Nagasaki. Nuclear side effect alters the DNA which result permanent damage to bloodline.

There are a lot of renewable energy winds, sun, water flow we need to adopt it, more automated switching and regulation will help us to save energy and other resources. and small change on lifestyle like using organic stuffs, eat healthy and fresh food, keep a little space for self to relax from stress will make better “YOU” instead of living on Edge life style it’s better to be in safe side , coz something goes wrong it also affect lot more other people. Better “YOU” for better community, better community make better nation.

Let’s create new era where less pain and wars more growth and happiness