ecently we found a very unique key that activated by moon cycle in Nagabana .
This key is embedded in sculpture and and it switch the mode of energy flow, when full moon appears it switch to energy emitting mode. As moon become small and the energy of area (water energy and earth energy ) will decrease and the energy emitting from nagabana will balance it. At null moon it will switch to store mode.
This unique key and mandala exist where more than 5 naga idol present.
Moon energy directly affect water energy and flow and the mass of moon also effect earth gravity little bit and indirect affect to kundalini .
If you carefully observe at full moon and null moon the energy inside your body also vary . if person have quit low level of spiritual energy (cosmic) his kundalini and Sushumna nadi will be affected easily .
To prevent this every day yoga which included in SandhyaVandanam is sufficient .but what about small children’s and ladies who are busy with work in homes. So that’s why this nagabans are not only spiritual praying places its also modulator and maintains the energy flow and level.
It took 28-30 hrs to understand how it work , one of my friend (Devru Bhat )went to attend the ritual of `Kalbhivraddi` of naga at his home town and sent pics of all faces and base of 5 naga idols 
It require 5 nagas to hold and bind the nature energy in samputa and make it Sthavara like kundalini 
And also the Nagara Panchami which activate and renew the cycle .After reviewing the mantras which chanted in Nagara panchami it contains the re-activation of this unique key. The key is called “AMBU” or in rigveda its “ANUHU” which manipulate and convert the energy flow 
The lord of this key is Adishesha or Devanaga 
This type of nagabana which contains AMBU are located near water body.
The Perfect balance of water and earth will nourish the life.
It also help the activation of Kundalini and the naga idols are also work as protection bride . they don’t allow non mammalian wavelength .