A very recent argument with my friend that if u can`t see or no proof that means it won`t exist.
I tried to convince him more than 10 examples but still he won`t agree with me that for some things we don`t have proof or we can`t see but it still exist.
Finally I took ant asked him can ants see the things at night? He said no not at all without light how those tiny ants can see even they need light.
Later taking biology help I showed him that ants can see in UV light then he agreed.

When you child say father why sky is red (or pink) we look up and say no dear it`s blue.
Actually children`s eyes are faster that adults eyes. Adult`s eye can catch 10-12 frames per second but child can see 18-20 frame, as they grow up the rate of Rhodopsin response will decrease.
At that much speed a little amount of red colored light will be seen to children, they see the world very different 
To see special u must have that special power .if u don`t have then u can`t see, then don`t start that there is no proof that it exist.
To see through body u need x-ray same to see energy aura u need to have sufficient energy to feel it by meditating your energy fields will activate then only you can see others energy field .
Then same to feel someone`s LOVE u no need to get 100 gifts and daily 20calls from them u must understand how much they respect you and care about you . 100 gifts an call just may cost 2-5k but money is not scale to love and gifts are not proof to love .the word spoken by person is the proof to love and care of that person id scale to love, it may be your mother, father or a annoying girl in your collage or office, or it may be your sister who is yelling that `shirt won`t look good` that means she care about your look. Not jealous.

Feel and understand then not judge & measure them